How to Block and Report on Facebook

What happens when you are being bullied on Facebook and you report it? Katie finds out.

How to Block and Report on Facebook

Ever wondered what options you have if you are receiving abuse on Facebook? Katie explains…

Posted by Anti-Bullying Pro on Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Anti-Bullying Activism on Facebook

Download our guide on how to use Facebook in your school to engage your students in social action online

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for Facebook, how many different languages there are on Facebook or what happens when you make a report? In the videos below our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Youth Board ask Julie, Facebook’s Safety Policy Manager all things Facebook, safety and top tips on getting a job at Facebook…

Staying Safe on Facebook

Our Youth Board tell you everything you need to know to have fun on the platform and surround yourself with positive kind Facebook users…

Facebook Policy Team’s Top Tips for Staff

Facebook’s Policy Team answer staff’s frequently asked questions around keeping students safe online.

Learn More About Our Safety Partnership with Facebook

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